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03.05.2021 - Article

The German Embassy Manama can authenticate signatures and photocopies intended for use in Germany.

Signature Authentication

With the signature authentication, the Consular Officer confirms that the named individual signed the document in front of them. The signature must be done in person in front of the appropriate Consular Officer or must be recognized by him. The individual will not be instructed on the legal meaning of the document to be signed.

In many cases, in order for the document to be legally binding, authenticating the signature suffices.

To give you some examples:

  • Declaration of Consent, respectively authorizing a Power of Attorney (“Genehmigungserklärung” or “Vollmachtsbestätigung”): someone signed on your behalf a contract or declaration without having received the power of attorney from you. You are now asked to authorize this declaration retroactively, so that the contract will be legally binding.
  • Simple Power Of Attorney (“Vollmacht”): power of attorney for which the individual gives a lesser authorization, e.g. power of attorney for a single legal transaction that can be revoked , e.g. simple inheritance declarations
  • Entries in the trade register
  • Requesting a certificate of good conduct
  • Declaration for renouncing an inheritance

The following notarizations are excluded: full power of attorney (Generalvollmacht), health care proxy (Vorsorgevollmacht), living will (Patientenverfügung) – as a rule, these documents must be notarized.

To have your signature certified, please present the following documents:

  • the document that has to be signed (the German Embassy cannot draft this document on your behalf)
  • for declarations of consent also the contract that has already been signed: for power of attorneys: proof of the value of the legal transaction
  • a valid official photo-ID
  • if you are not acting on your own behalf, but on behalf of e.g. a company, a ward, etc., please bring a document (original or certified copy) stating your power of attorney for the company / individual, etc.


The fee for authentication of a signature is dependent on the purpose of the authentication as well as the value of the matter, and can vary between 20 and 250 euros, payable in BHD.

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Certifying Photocopies

Photocopies can be certified at the Embassy, if the original document is presented with the corresponding copies.

What to bring for certified copies

  • the original document,
  • copies of the original document which need to be certified

The fee for certification of a photocopy is at least 10 euros, payable in BHD, and is dependent on the number of copies to be certified.

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