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Who may apply for a visa?

You can apply at the German Embassy in Manama if you are a permanent resident in Bahrain and your main destination is Germany.

You may also submit your application for a Schengen visa to the German Embassy if your main travel destination is Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Slovenia and Iceland.

Visa requirements

Please note that there is no legal right to be issued with a visa/ residence permit even if all required documents are submitted. The final decision will be taken by the Embassy after thorough evaluation of your application. Kindly note that according to the German aliens law applicants are required to submit the visa application in person. Special exceptions may apply, e.g. for holders of diplomatic or special passports.

Visa requirements

Appointment system for visa applications

Visa applications can be submitted by appointment only. Appointments are made free of charge online and cannot be scheduled by telephone, e-mail or fax. Cancelations or rebookings can only be made by sending the booking confirmation together with a passport copy to the Embassy by e-mail.

As a courtesy to your fellow visa-applicants, please do not book double or multiple appointments. By paying attention, waiting and processing times can be held to minimum.

Please note :
If no early appointments are available and you have an urgent matter (i.e. medical emergency) to attend to, please book the next available appointment and contact the Embassy (info@manama.diplo.de) and ask for a change to a more suitable date.
For that we would like you to provide us with the reason (i.e. letter from the Hospital in Germany) why the change is necessary and we will try to accommodate your request on a space available practice.

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