Information on visa applications

10.05.2021 - Article

You can find information on visa applications and visa renewal below.

Processing of visa applications

Due to the development of the pandemic in Bahrain, visa applications can currently only be accepted in urgent exceptional cases. As soon as this situation changes, an announcement will be made on the website of the Embassy in Manama.

In cases where exceptions apply which allow entry to Germany, travellers can contact the Embassy via the contact form. You can find a list of these exceptions below.

Visas can currently only be issued if the intended entry is absolutely necessary. The circumstances under which entry is considered to be absolutely necessary are explained in German, English and French on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community under the heading Coronavirus – FAQs and answers, and then under “Travel restrictions/border control”.




Declaration of the absolute necessity of short-term business travel

Declaration of the existence of the relationship and the urgent reason for entry

Certification of entry for urgent medical reasons

Declaration of the existence of the relationship

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