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01.12.2017 - Article

The rules of Regulation (EU) no. 576/2013 have applied to the entry with dogs, cats and ferrets from non-EU countries (so-called third countries) since 29 December 2014. These regulations aim to provide protection against the introduction and spread of rabies. The requirements regarding the animal health status are, in principle, based on the rabies situation both in the third country of origin and in the Member State of destination within the EU. A maximum of 5 of these pets may be carried per person. The animals must not be intended to be given to a new owner. By way of derogation, the maximum number of 5 pets may be exceeded if the animals are being moved for the purpose of participating in competitions, shows and sporting events or of training for such events (not for trading purposes). These animals must be at least 6 months old and evidence in writing must be provided that they have been registered for one of the above-mentioned events. In all other cases the rules for trade in animals apply. For more detailed information, please refer to theOrdinance on Intra-Community Movement, Import and Transit of Live Animals and Products (Ordinance on Disease Control).

In Germany, the federal states - supreme veterinary authorities of the Länder - are in charge of implementing and monitoring this EU Regulation.

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