Certificate of Good Conduct

Jemand zeigt mit dem Finger auf ein erweitertes Führungszeugnis

Führungszeugnis, © Stephan Jansen/dpa

05.05.2021 - Article

Do you need a Certificate of Conduct (“Führungszeugnis”) from the Federal Office of Justice (“Bundesamt für Justiz”)?

In the Federal Republic of Germany, all police records are filed at the Federal Central Criminal Register, the so-called “Bundeszentralregister” (BZR).

If you wish to apply for a certificate of conduct (“Führungszeugnis”), please read the information and download the application form on the website of the Federal Office of Justice.

Please note that your signature on the application must be authenticated. You can book an appointment at the embassy here. The fee for the notarization at the Embassy is 20 euros at the daily exchange rate in BHD.

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